Shane Hurley

Shane Hurley

Shane Hurley is a business development professional living and working in the Phoenix, Arizona area.


Originally from a small town in North Idaho, Hurley moved to Phoenix, Arizona for all of the amenities and opportunities offered in a bigger city. After proving his academic prowess in high school while carrying a heavy course-load in advanced subject matter, Shane graduated a full year early, whereupon he worked tirelessly as an apprentice mechanic to support himself. Although this work began as a means to an end, it quickly ignited in Shane a lifelong passion for cars. Due to Hurley’s outstanding performance, he was quickly promoted to run a service shop.

From a young age, Shane knew that he could make money as a real estate investor. As soon as he graduated from high school, Shane convinced his mother to go in on a residential fixer upper. Shane and his mother spent a little over two years rehabilitating their investment property on their own, while Shane continued to work full-time as a mechanic. The hard work paid off, and they sold the home for a nice profit, which provided Shane with some capital to start his first business.

Shane’s newly developed passion for cars collided with his thirst for professional opportunities when he casually attended his first car auction. After this event, Shane realized that there was a real opportunity for him in this field, and he quickly shifted his focus. Promptly acting upon his new interest, Shane decided to purchase a car with the intention to resell it. He bought his first car for $1,000 and resold it for $2,000, impressively turning a 100% profit on his first try. In that instant it became evident that there was business potential for him. With no prior knowledge of how to run a car business, but motivated by his initial success, Shane pursued his dealer’s license and several months later opened his own small used car lot. He was just 19 years old at the time.

Confident that his car business was set up properly and operating well, Shane felt that it was time to pursue other opportunities. Guided by his ever-present entrepreneurial spirit, Shane created a space for himself in the payment processing industry. He saw that this would be a fruitful venture right away, and began recruiting a sales team. When he was just 20 years old, after running this business out of his home for about a year, Shane and his team moved into their own office space in Spokane, Washington. After some early bumps in the road, as are sure to pop up during any new endeavor, Hurley merged with another small company in 2007, and by 2009 had expanded his operations to New Jersey and Portland, with another location in Denver in the works. In 2012, Inc. Magazine recognized Shane for having the 16th fastest growing company in the state of Washington, and the 237th most rapidly expanding in the US.

More About Shane Hurley

Shane Hurley is passionate about two things that make his business thrive: people and technology. He enjoys leading teams and developing the people on them by giving thorough advice, and the necessary tools for personal development. Shane’s greatest reward is watching his employees develop and succeed. When Shane is not busy improving his business, he enjoys giving back to his community. One of his favorite ways to do this is by participating in events, like 5K races that aid causes like breast cancer awareness, cures for childhood diseases, and food for seniors. Shane Hurley enjoys getting his whole company involved in events like these to both encourage team-building, and help out with great causes.